Using love to see past ourselves and our differences

What is Love360°?

A social marketing campaign designed by Geminity Designs to bring us all together. We believe we can do that by understanding love...together ❤️

Why though? 🤔

We want to create a world where people can come together despite their differences. One of the first steps is understanding what connects us all: love!

Wow! How can I help?! 🙌🏾

Glad you asked! We’d love your help 😊! We plan to create a unifying story of love from different people. To help out, we want you to be apart of that story by taking our Love Survey.


Take The Survey 💪

Got Questions?

(We got answers!)

What does the survey do?

The survey helps us take in objective information from a lot of people. We want to make sure that we're inclusive of multiple experiences with this campaign.

Why be inclusive?

In order for this campaign to work and help people understand love, we have to look at it from more than one perspective personally, culturally, religiously, and sexually.

What will you do with the results?

The results from the survey will go into an analaytical platform that will be for those who want to understand love on a deeper level.

If I take the survey, will I be protected?

Of course! Our participants privacy is our upmost concern. The results will only be shown anonmously without personal and contact information. See more here with our privacy policy.

What are the interviews for?

The interviews will work in tandem with the survey results to understand them in a subjective context, putting feelings to data through people's experiences.

Can I be interviewed?

We would love for you to! However, we are currently only interviewing people who are based in or near Atlanta, GA. Don't worry though, this may change in the future!

What's the shop for?

One of the goals of this campaign is to raise capital for our company. We have A LOT of other projects we want to create and share with the world. You can read about it more here in our goals for this campaign.

Where can I see the interviews

You can see them in several places. We have them listed on the under watch and on our social media accounts (all listed below)! Longer versions can be seen on our youtube channel. Don't forget to follow and subscribe to us!

How long will the campaign last?

Until next Feburary 2018, and we're going out with a bang! We'll be dropping content, videos, love stories, and more leading up to it. Be on the look out until then! For now, try taking the survey!

Stay In Touch!

We'll be creating a lot more products and services in the future, Love360 is only the beginning! To get an inside scope and early access, sign up below to join our mailing list!
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