About Love360°

Love360° is a social marketing campaign sponsored by our company, Geminity Designs. It also doubles as our first company sponsored project. We chose to go with Love360 because of why we came up with the idea. Love360 came from us wanting create something that spurred people to love one another and bond together. Originally, the idea was supposed to be a photo series highlighting couples in Tuskegee, Montgomery, and Auburn, Alabama to share the beauty of their relationships and their love. However, as time went on, this idea started to grow.

Finally, when it came time for us to rebrand ourselves, we wanted to revisit Love360 and promote it as our first marketing campaign. We felt that it's concept would perfect for how we want to show ourselves to the world: a team of creative people who want to make products and services that bring people together so they can create a better and brighter future. Also, we felt that the first step in achieving this mission was to unite people through something we all share. And, what better to do that with than love!

After that, we decided that instead of a photoseries, we can interview people to get the true essense behind their experiences with and views on love; and, since we can't interview everyone, we can create a survey to go along with it. And Boom! Love360° was born!

Our goals for Love360° are:

  • 1. Create a unifying definition of love that any and all people can center around,
  • 2. Raise funding for more socially progressive projects
  • 3. Market Geminity Designs under its new mission: Selfless Innovation

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